To be or not to be a partner of Hermamobile is never a question, join us now as if you own a screen factory in China.

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Brand OEM Service

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Customize your own website and use your brand to expand the market

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Create your product catalog to make it easier for your customers to obtain product information.

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Find competitive repair tools for you and deliver them for you.

customization LOGO

Design and make your brand LOGO to make you more competitive.

Customized packaging stickers

Customize your packaging designs and stickers to personalize your business.

visual design

Comprehensive visual design makes your brand stand out.

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Customize your fragile label.

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Design your company brand seal to identify your products.

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Customize your exclusive promotional posters during festivals.


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We insist on serving our customers and making them profitable. Create value, win-win cooperation

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We have always insisted on reserving the maximum profit to our distributors, so that they can be competitive enough in the local market. Only when our customers can make stable profits , our cooperation can last for a long time.

here is what you get for being our partner

  • Own a series of exclusive customized services from Chinese factories
  • Local retail customers will be referred to your store
  • Zero price competition, and partners protection

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